Training Need Analysis

What is Training Needs Analysis (TNA)?

TNA is the method of determining if a training need exists and, if it does, what training is required to fill the human capital competencies gap of an organization.

Why is TNA important?

Contrary to popular literature what has been propounded by ordinary training companies, TNA is beyond the simplistic identification of problems within an organization and whether training will indeed address the problems which have been recognized. The primary importance of TNA is to determine what human capital competencies are needed to build organizational capabilities to support organizational strategies and its sustainability in a changing and competitive environment.

Another critical aspect of TNA is to identify the human capital performance gap between the present status and what is desired. It may indicate problems and need for training. TNA seeks to accurately identify the levels of the present situation in the target surveys, interviews, observations, secondary data and/or workshop. TNA then enables organizations to channel resources into the areas where they will contribute the most to employee development, enhancing morale and organizational performance.

Why do organizations need training?

Training is a means to ensure that employees have the competencies to be able to do their work effectively and efficiently to meet organizational strategies; and when there is a gap between the current and desired performance because of shortfalls in knowledge, skills or attitude.

Training needs analysis addresses the following questions

  • What training is needed and why?
  • Where is training needed?
  • Who needs training?
  • How will training be provided?
  • How much would a training cost?
  • What will be the impact on business?

What is likely to happen in organizations without an effective TNA?

  • Undertaking training for ‘training sake’ or taking a short-gun approach.
  • Results of training are cost ineffective.
  • Targets areas of greatest training needs are missed
  • Lack of information on the organization’s climate.
  • No “buy-in” or commitment from managers and trainees.
  • Confusion between the ‘symptoms’ and the ‘causes.’

Why appoint ‘Sharacdan Business Consultants’ as your TNA consultant?

Its TNA consultants are highly experienced; have held senior corporate positions in various industries; and have served in various capacities including stints as experts on Malaysian Government and European Union funded projects. Most importantly, they have undergone a selection process by Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).

For SME contributors to the HRDF, subject to certain simple qualifying conditions, will be eligible to receive a fully-subsidized TNA consultancy. Please call or write in for further information.

Why SME companies should take advantage of the HRDF funded TNA exercise?

Yes. HRDF pays for the TNA consultancy for qualifying SME companies without any deduction to the accumulated HRDF contributions!  It is HRDF’s objective to enable SMEs to systematically identify their training needs with the support of a TNA consultant. In short, the benefits of the TNA are:

  • It enables SMEs to methodically identify their current and future training needs which will then lead to the preparation and implementation of a well-designed and structured training plan.
  • It enhances the competency of company’s training personnel, who in turn, will support long term training plans.
  • It will develop the much-needed talent to create competitive advantage for sustainability of the business.


The objective of this Scheme is to enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to systematically identify their training needs with the support of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) consultant; enabling SMEs to develop and enhance the competency of its training personnel.


  • Enable SMEs to methodically identify their current and future training needs which will lead to the preparation and implementation of a systematic and tailored training plan.
  • Strengthen and enhance the capabilities and competency of training personnel, who in return, will support business productivity.
  • Develop a holistic and value-added TNA which will assist in developing skilled talents who are prepared to meet the business challenges of tomorrow.

Company Eligibility Criteria

SME Company Eligibility Criteria for Fully-Funded TNA Consultation

  • Company must be registered with HRDF
  • Company must fall within HRDF’s definition of SMEs
  • For Manufacturing SMEs, the number of employees must be equal to or less than 200
  • For Services SMEs, the number of employees must be equal to or less than 75
  • Company must have a minimum HRDF-levy balance of RM 15,000 in their account
  • Only for those SMEs Company that have not availed this TNA-SME scheme before


We strongly recommend eligible SME employers to take up this offer. Please complete the attached TNA registration form; indicating your interest to participate in this fully-funded ‘SME TNA Consultancy Scheme.’

To register and for further information kindly contact:

Mr. Tony at 018 3803877



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