Customer Service

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Advanced Customer Service Management


The behavioral patterns of others and demonstrates how you need to change your own in order to communicate, influence and negotiate more effectively with them
Looks beyond the traditional “Customer Service” models by examining different behavioral patterns and creating strategies to deal with each.
In depth processes necessary to ensure a successful conclusion, for all parties, in every customer facing situation
The powerful tools of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Emotional Intelligence

Basic Selling Skills For Retail

This program will introduce participants with an overview on the basics of selling and the application of proven tecniques which they can implement in their selling roles.

This course will expose participants to a practical learning environment with experiential knowledge, skills and action plans,enabling them to understand the essences of selling and personalize it into thier unique peronal approach for better results.



Customer focused organizations know that delivering excellence in service does not happen by accident. It requires careful integration of key factors that together set the company apart from competitors, win and retain profitable customers and attract, motivate and keep best staff. In this five-day program delegates will learn the core practices and skills that successful businesses employ to consistently deliver world-class customer service experiences.