The Art of Strategic Management and Leadership Training Course

In these turbulent times, leaderas need to focus on what will drive their business enterprise through the obstacles of success. This Art of Strategic Management and Leadership training course offers solutions to any leader who must continue to deal with the economy and make smart decisions about such important elements as new business strategies, succession planning and the use of intellectual capital to sustain and grow their business.

The Art of Strategic Management and Leadership training course begins with a week on Strategic Management, which develops the skills behind strategic thinking and developing good strategies to support the strategic planning function.  This training course looks at many contemporary theories that focus on the best approaches to take to use resources wisely to stay the course of continuous improvement.

Week two of this EuroMaTech training course focuses on The Art of Leadership and on how a leader takes on the responsibilities of implementing new strategies and developing their human assets to support the enterprise.  This training course goes deep into the heart of a true leader and helps any leader/manager understand what makes an effective leader in the modern organization.  This training course is the catalyst behind what makes a successful strategic plan work in the real world.

This Uniskills The Art of Strategic Management and Leadership training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Expand your understanding of how Strategic Thinking has developed and is used by managers and leaders
  • Develop an understanding or the process of Strategy Formation and Implementation within any organization
  • Link the Strategy of a firm with the Desired Outcomes of Revenues, Profits, and Growth through Value Creation and Market Focus
  • Recognize factors that require change in your organization and how to lead the changes in your business unit
  • Demonstrate the leadership core skills of Communication and Inspiration; Systems Thinking and Emotional Intelligence
  • Use personal influence and develop political savvy to network and influence people effectively
  • Apply a change management model for communicating and implementing change
  • Tap into and “inner power” to gain self confidence and strength
  • Get the most productivity out of each employee

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