Who are we

Sharacdan Business Consultants Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based training and consulting company with its track record going back more than 20 years ago since its incorporation in August 2000.

We specialize in human resource consultation and training services for clients needing cost-effective and efficient services to meet the strategic demands of their core business activities. We leads the way in providing practical and informative training on a wide range of business, commercial and professional topics. We conduct trainings in a wide spectrum of industries.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the human capital development business in the region through the delivery of customised, effective and cost-efficient programmes and services.


Our Mission

Our Company will design and deliver programmes and services that creates competitive advantage for our business partners.

Why choose us

Our Unique Business Propositions

  •  Post Training Learning Support

SBC does not stop after the initial training event.  We provide reinforcement training for many of training courses that are essential for learners’ success.  SBC strongly recommends additional training support to reinforce desired behaviour change and promote lasting adoption.  Learning doesn’t happen in the classroom alone. Virtually everyone prefers different modes of learning. Effective learning needs to take a multi-channel, multi-modal approach. Classroom sessions, “live” webinars, post-training reinforcement coaching, online learning modules, Q&A sessions, podcasts/audio and e-mail reinforcement need to be combined into a powerful learning journey.

We provide post learning support for anything between 3 months to a year at no additional cost to participants or sponsoring companies. Depending on the types of courses, reinforcement trainings can include follow-up Instructor-led training (ILT) and on-demand learning (eLearning).


  • Our Affiliation and Associations

SBC is affiliated with International Green Purchasing Berhad (IGPN); Malaysian Association of Retail Management (MARM); Malaysian Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (MIPM); and City University. We provide customized training programmes as well certification programmes for our clientele.


  • Our Competencies

SBC is recognized beyond its instructors’ competencies, identification of current and upcoming training topics, customer base and networking, and we have a deep understanding of specific industries, business models, challenges, strategies and the day-to-day reality in which participants operate.


  • Training Venue Locations

SBC delivers training courses at various training centres nationwide. We work with organisations across all sectors, so wherever your organisation and people are based, we can provide conveniently located courses of consistent quality and content for your whole team.

Some of our client list

and many more…

We are also a member/business partner for the following association.


An affiliated member of Malaysian Association of Retail Management (MARM)

An affiliated member of The Malaysian Institute Of Purchasing and Materials Management ( MIPMM )


An affiliated member of International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN)